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Telemarketing as most people are aware is a powerful tool for businesses. At Telemarketing Data, we provide quality data for your telemarketing campaigns.

We have over 12 million verified individual records on our database. This enables you to tailor your data by demographics and postcodes, to ensure that you make only the most valuable connections with your prospect market.

About Our Data

- UK Consumer Database Specialists, Telemarketing Data have over 35 years of experience supplying quality data for regional and national telemarketing campaigns. . -


We are Data Owners not Brokers, so the data is never from third parties.


We compile the data by using our own comprehensive name and address files, plus information kindly supplied by non-competing clients.


Our success is founded on data validation, processing skills and speed of delivery. Call us

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Data Profiling and Demographics

Data profiling can be a powerful tool for marketers. Identifying consumers by demographic allows for targeted marketing and more effective telemarketing campaigns.

1. Industry standard codes

The standard A, B, C1, C2, D, E social grade definitions give six broad demographic categories for consumer targeting. From Societies elite and going right down to people on Government benefits.

2.  UK Postcodes

We have profiled and non-profiled data available in every UK postcode. All our records contain a full name, full address, postcode, telephone number, and the contact’s date or year of birth. Postcode-specific data can be used as a tool for planning regional or national campaigns, looking at drive times, installations, servicing or simply monitoring your target areas.

Why it works

Business growth is a key concern for all businesses and connecting with your ideal prospects is the key to business success.

Through telemarketing you have a direct line to your consumers, increasing the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Tailoring your approach to key markets ensures a higher success rate and continued growth, lead generation and sales.         

0115 815 7210
0800 180 8210


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See how our data can support your campaigns and exactly what data we have available in the postcodes you target. For more information about our data, call us on 0115 815 7210. Pushed for time? Use our data enquiry form to let us know your requirements.

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